11 May 2016


If like me you have been following along with Babymac's One Thing posts, you would know how inspiring they are. They have been kicking my butt into gear since day one, showering all her readers with the motivation to tackle everything on their to do lists with gusto.

This week, my one thing was simple. So darn simple it took three years to complete. Yeah you heard me. Three years !

 Our living area is at the front of our house boasting four generous windows one of which has been missing the screen for three years thanks to one of my fluffy felines. We have had the new screen for almost two years and although every single day I past that tube of mesh a hundred zillion times, I put off fixing that darn window till tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

Well yesterday that tomorrow came.

Opening the windows yesterday I was happily greeted with a morning breeze, something that has been rare of late around here but of course it was only flowing through three out four windows. Frustrated I realised that the only way it would get done was if I stopped putting it off and just did it myself.

So I did...

We can now open all our front windows letting the breeze in and keeping all the unwanted bugs out. I have never been so excited to open a window before.

Do you follow along with Beth's one thing posts ?
If so, what was your one thing for this week ?

beck xx

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