4 Nov 2014


Last night was the 29th Annual Awards Night for our boys High School. It is a night that showcases performances, lots of boring speeches, the 2014 highest academic achievements and the announcement of next years School Captains.

This year our family celebrated the achievements of our youngest son, who this year has been awarded an academic award for his high standard of work and commitment to his studies in 2014.

This is our baby youngest teen, and at 14 years of age and currently studying year 9, he looks so grown up. Why does time go so fast ? I am a huge sook when I see my boys all dressed up looking so handsome and smart.

Before the ceremony began at the Entertainment Center, parents of course wanted photos of the three best mates together. Of course this is the only photo that we were allowed to take #crazyteens !

It was another proud mumma moment when he was called onto the stage. But I held back the tears. It was a miracle, but I did actually make it through the night without a tear in my eye lol

And the award my baby teen was given for his high standard of achievements across all of his subjects for 2014.
All our boys have been high achievers at whatever they pursue, and as parents we couldn't be happier or more proud.

Congratulations Benjamin
Love Mum

Being a very proud Mumma and sharing my teens achievements for 2014 with the fabulous Jess on this weeks IBOT

beck xx


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