2 Sep 2014


While I may have been absent in the blogoshere of late, I have not been idle and have many projects to share with you.

 With the warmer weather right on our doorsteps, lazy days by the pool, and outdoor entertaining is right around the corner. Its time to put away our Winter warmers and pull out everything that screams Summer fun !

Whether in my choice of clothing or in my home decor, I love colour. And Spring/Summer is the perfect time to inject more into everyday life.

One of the many craft projects I have been working on, is a set of bright Summery drink coasters. With only a few craft supplies needed, they are a simple and effective way to bring a shot of colour to your table.



I used a cork base, and picked up a set of 6 for around $2 at Spotlight
Your choice of craft/scrapbook paper
A good quality craft glue and sealer 

Start by cutting circles in the paper to fit your choice of base, and carefully glue together, wiping any residual glue from the edges. While they are drying, pick any accents that you wish to use. I used a combination of lace, ribbon, glitter and small size scrap booking tags.

When the glue has dried, decorate the coasters as you wish to make them pop and come to life.

I then left the coasters for a few days to ensure that all the glue had completely dried, so that the embellishments I used would not move and smudge at all whilst applying the hard setting sealant.

When they are completely dry, using a paint brush coat the coasters in your choice of sealant and allow to dry for the recommended time.
You can use any sealant/lacquer that you choose but the one that I use on quite a regular basis is Mod Podge, and once you own Mod Podge the possibilities are endless.

Once the sealant has dried 'TA DA' you have yourself a set of gorgeous drink coasters to use when entertaining this Spring/Summer.

Happy crafting :)

Happily linking up with the gorgeous Jess for #IBOT

beck xx


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