4 Dec 2013

Snow Man Family Craft

When I saw these little guys on Pinterest I fell in love with them and just had to have some of my own. A gorgeous family of snowmen to welcome my family and friends at Christmas. 

I decided that I needed to make four, to represent my boys.
They were easy and inexpensive to make as I had all of the bits and pieces 
needed to whip them up in just a couple of hours.

I am really pleased with how they have turned out and I am 
sure that they will be around for many
Christmas's to come.

To make you will need :

*Pieces of wood
*Fabric for the head pieces
*String to tie the hats
*Material, ribbon or tinsel for the scarves
*White paint
*Buttons for the eyes, beads or orange paint for the nose
*Black glitter glue for the mouth and eyebrows
*A hot glue gun

I didn't have the wood cut into any specific lengths. I just made sure that they were all different sizes. I painted the wood roughly so that they had a worn look. 
Next cut rectangles out of the fabric, wrapped and glued them around the top creating a hat, tying with string to secure. 
The face was next. Using the glue gun, I fastened the button eyes and bead noses into place and then using the glitter glue, drew on the eyebrows and mouth.
Lastly I tied a scarf around each snowman using Christmas ribbon and tinsel pipe cleaners. 

Happy Snowman Making !



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