29 Oct 2013

I'm Back

Life can be a difficult path to navigate, and unfortunately I let it get the better of me. But no more. I have been doing my best to search for my rainbow. To find my missing light and return to the woman that I use to be, the woman that I want to be, the woman that I know that I can be.

But enough of that

I'm back
Did you miss me ?
Nah, I wouldn't either...

I needed the break, and just like the quote that showed up on the tab of my tea bag this morning, I'm back because I've regained my Oomph.

I have taken the time to clear my head and find a new path to follow. It's taken me a few weeks to realise that my patch of green grass is the perfect patch of green for me, all that I have ever wanted in life is right here in the palm of my hand, and only I have been standing in the way of my happiness.
Silly huh......
But that's me, letting things get the better of me and allowing them to take over my thoughts and emotions, it is something that I have been working on and will continue to do so.
I am doing my best to be strong.

Since I went on my break, quite a few things have happened around here !
My son applied for University. I had a birthday. My third son was officially enrolled as a senior student for 2014 and has become a gym addict. We welcomed a new addition to our family (don't freak out it's the furry kind)  and the renovations around here have again picked up speed.......all this and more will be blogged about soon : )

I must confess, it's great to be back. You will now most likely get sick of me !
Thank you to everyone for your tweets and emails, I appreciate that you all stuck around and I apologise to you all for my disappearance.

Happy to be linking up again with the gorgeous Jess for IBOT xx


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