10 Sep 2013

Puppy Daze

Last week I tweeted how much I would love another baby. I miss the early years of my boys who have grown up way to fast and have often wondered why I didn't go back for another.
Exactly one week later, that wish of mine was granted, well kind of. Instead of the sweet smelling ten fingers, ten toes kind of bundle, the furry four legged kind entered our lives which the boys promptly named Shadow.

He is a ball of cuteness, a bundle of energy, a real fireball and already a well loved member of our family.
But my oh my ..... how quickly I forgot how much work puppies can be. Next time on twitter, I think that I will hold my tongue in the wishes department !

The first night we had Shadow home, the house was crazy. It seems that no matter what age we are, puppies bring out the BIG kid in everyone :)
Shadow was wild, the boys were wild and much laughter filled our house.

The next day however things did not look good :( poor Shadow was sick as a dog {no pun intended} he was lethargic, wobbly on his feet, yelping in pain and vomiting *yuck* a trip to the vet was very much needed.
As it turned out, Shadow was indeed very ill and was put on a drip right away. Poor little guy. He was kept overnight and given plenty of antibiotics and fluids. Thankfully it was nothing serious, just a small puppy tummy bug that required lots of care and attention.
Picking him up the next day, he was full of beans, back to his own crazy self. The boys were so happy to have him home, and I was ever so glad that I was not the bearer of bad news.

He has now settled into life with us quite nicely, turning everything and everyone upside down. Of course as usual most of the work has landed in my lap even though I made it quite clear that the job was to be shared by everyone in our household. Come this weekend when things have calmed down a little, I will be reminding everyone that raising Shadow is a family job and will be participated by all.

Welcome Shadow, may you live a happy and contented life as a member of our crazy, wild family.

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