30 Jun 2012

Swapping slippers for heels

Last night I had to put aside my PJ's and slippers and put on my heels and makeup instead.
Hubby and I were going out. Don't get excited...this was not a "date night" we were supervising a 19th birthday party at the local pub !! As per pub rules,a "mature" person or persons must accompany the group if there are any "underage" kids invited,as this was the case,they needed parent supervision and so they asked hubby and I to come along !!

I had to behave myself,I had to be the good responsible adult......
I could do that, of course I could.
Turns out it wasn't that hard at all.

I had been to the "club" side of this place for dinner before but had never ventured into the "public bar" area.OH MY what an eye opener..Hubby and I sat in a booth next to the party goers,and as per usual I started "people" watching !! Let me ask, don't young women look in the mirror before they leave the house anymore ? The inappropriate clothes and displays of behavior made me thankful for having sons,and the language ..... OH MY WORD the men were tame compared these young ladies.
The kids we were there for behaved (at least while we were there) lol. They talked,played pool and those who were of age had a few drinks. I was a little nervous,after all this was the first time I had witnessed my eldest son "out on the town" with his mates, but things seemed to be going along just fine.
Thankfully as the band started playing it was time for the underage kids to go.....YAY that meant I could go home to,It seemed I couldn't leave quick enough...I enjoyed seeing the kids have a great time,after all I have watched them all grow up and I love them all dearly,but honestly this seedy bar scene was not for me and I will not be returning any time soon (unless I am asked to be the responsible adult again)

Three of the "party goers"

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