5 Jan 2016


This past week, we had our eyes opened to the dangers of teens and the use of the Internet.
We have rules of course, but rules as we know can be broken, and so can trust.

Temptation, peer pressure, and the good old teenage attitude of 'maybe I wont get caught' were all a factor in our incident, I am just thankful that we caught the issue before it got out of hand.

Our son thought he was doing nothing wrong by adding his bank details to a game he plays, so he could 'upgrade' to a higher level, and buy extra 'things' that would help him to complete the matches. Little did he know that just about every time he logged on, money was being taken out of his account.

Of course we had warned all of our children with the dangers of doing this countless times, we have explained that some people don't think anything of taking advantage of others and that a lot of sites are not secure and anyone could be skimming their details.

I thought that we had made ourselves very clear. I thought that we had reached a time in parenting when our children could come to us with anything, and that we had established a really good relationship based on trust.

I blame myself. Maybe I put far too much trust in my teenagers. Maybe I have become a lazy parent.

All his on-line devices have been removed from his possession, its like his throat is cut. He has also been grounded for the rest of this week.

I have vowed to be a more present mother when it comes to Internet use and my teen, we have to gain back the trust that I thought we had, and work together to repair the damage. It could have been a much worse situation I know, but thankfully it was bad enough to give him a scare and a wake up call.

I feel that he has learnt his lesson, he is a good boy that has never given us an ounce of trouble. He just made a choice that was wrong as far as choices go, and fell into a trap that so many others have also fallen into.

beck xx
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